Smart + Sustainable Acceleration

Technology meets marine life


Working in a nautical setting requires top expertise, human sensitivity, high tech equipment and a vast playground that inspires creativity, sustainability and innovation. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs develop products that are aligned with the needs of a new, sustainable, economic model.

Blue Economy’s Growth vectors

Smart shipping, ports and ship building

Aquaculture and sustainable fishing

Renewable energy

Biotechnology and biodiversity

Coastal and maritime tourism

Science + technology

We develop clean technologies and sustainable business models by using a multidisciplinary approach that combines best practices in scientific research and smart growth methodology. Our network is highly collaborative and connected to the challenges of an industry that is facing unprecedented transformation.



Early-stage Acceleration

Program powered by Cycle Momentum

Mid-stage Acceleration

12-month highly. curated scale up program. Meet our industrial partners + international network. We focus on market validation, and smart, sustainable growth


36-month excubation program for industrial partners open to discover new talents.

A forward thinking collaborative approach

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