LAB-O : Go with the FLOW

Who decided that tech and nature where meant to live on single tracks? Here, our researchers and entrepreneurs are being inspired by the rythmn of the sea. If often leads to powerful breakthroughts. We choose an integrated approach where biology and environment preservation are vectors of growth and creativity. Our innovators love getting lost in nature for days. Our campus has been designed accordingly.

Our Marine Campus offers a highly collaborative environment and showcases biophilic components. Indoor living wall, state-of-the-art facilities, gear-sharing-platform…everything you need to scale your project with ease.

Celebrating Smart Growth

High tech equipment + expertise

Certified Labs

Amazing work-life balance

Bilingual coaching + services

Broaden your perspective

Our innovation district gathers 600+ researchers / entrepreneurs in all marine-related things. Our networks extends all the way through the Gaspe Penninula. A few steps away from the St. Lawrence River, it’s a unique playground which provides you with a human-scale urbain lifestyle and a limitless horizon.