10 weeks to develop your Startup mindset

You’re a scientist looking to commercialise technologies?

You’re a student curious to learn about the startup world?

You’re an entrepreneur-in-development interested in learning more about the Startup ecosystem?

You are an economic development guide and you want to be equipped to detect and accompany potential startup leaders?

During 10 weeks, you will learn about the international startup ecosystem and meet scientists-turned-entrepreneurs who have made interesting pivots during their academic journey. With 1 to 2 hours of commitment per week, get a starter kit that will help you navigate the uncharted waters of tech for free.

À raison d’une à deux heures par semaine, tu survoleras des outils et seras inspiré.e par des parcours entrepreneuriaux qui te permettront de mieux comprendre la réalité du monde Startup et vérifier si celui-ci est fait pour toi.

Prerequisite: Being interested in entrepreneurship. No need to have a startup idea, although it’ll be more hands on if you do.

Format: 100% online.

Selection: 10 participants will be selected from the received profiles.

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10 weeks to develop your Startup mindset


Startup Founder vs Entrepreneur

Delineate the Startup ecosystem


Lean : Iterative Process

Understand the importance of quick failure and agile mindset


Understand your Client

Design the customer experience strategically


Ideation & Prototyping

Reduce time to market through Design Thinking


The Pitch

Develop a compelling pitch


Leadership & Team Diversity

Build a diverse team to solidify your leadership



Understand the different sources of financing


Workshop: Business Model Canvas

Work on the basis of your business


Intellectual Property 101

Protect your ideas, inventions and designs


Discovery of the Startup ecosystem

Better orient yourself in the startup ecosystem

After the program

Personalized support

Extend your network and explore opportunities